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Starwar sex

Starwar sex

Not understanding that he was being told telepathically, Lucas thinks that “Starwars” came from his imagination, which is a perfectly normal human reaction that many people have had over the centuries. New Testament and Koran are NOT religious Books in the way that starwar sex all think of religion today. This small mistake about the creation of Life and the “Force” is the only mistake that O.

1 tells Skywalker that he must learn The Way of the “Force” and how to use the “Force” so that he can help others and Luke replies that he has work to do and that he hates evil, but there is nothing he can do about it, which reflects and symbolises almost everyone on Earth’s attitude and reply. 1 tells the storm-troopers that they do not need to see Luke’s identification and that he can move along and go about his business demonstrating that the “Force” can have a strong effect on the weak-minded, actually works, but it works telepathically via the “Force”, not with spoken words. It is done with words in the film because it cannot be shown telepathically on a film-screen. The coffee-bar full of weird creatures symbolises many of the places you have been yourselves, full of “creatures of the night”, not all of whom are really bad, but where some boast of their evil deeds and fighting ability and who pick fights with you for no reason. Force” around him, guiding him and protecting him from attack.

Once Luke feels the “Force” and blocks the “fiery darts”, O. 1 tells him he has “just taken his first step into a larger world” – the real world, the spirit world, immortality and eternity and is no longer a slave to this material world, but has taken his first step into God’s Kingdom here on Earth. Force controlling everything and that there is no mystical energy-field controlling his destiny. When their spaceship is caught in a “tractor-beam” which is physically more powerful than their ship O. 1 says they cannot win by physical fighting, but that there are alternatives to physical fighting when you are physically out-numbered.

Once their ship has been drawn by the “tractor-beam” into the control of the empire, they then connect their droid – R. 2 finds the location of the power-source controlling the “tractor-beam” which is keeping them from leaving and makes it appear on the computer-monitor. Seven, in Scripture, is the number of completeness and, in referring to the seven churches, Christ is condemning all churches and organised religions. Han and Luke, however, in complete contrast, were having to fight physically, like maniacs, because they did not know how to use the “Force”. Luke offers to go with O.

When Luke finds out that the princess is a prisoner and wants to rescue her, Han Solo won’t help him because he is selfish and doesn’t want to risk his own life, to save hers. Luke is about to give up on Han, when the “Force” tells him telepathically that if Han won’t help because it’s the right thing to do, then Luke must appeal to his sense of greed. He does and Han changes his mind and helps rescue her. Force” again comes to the rescue and tells Luke to use his communicator to get help. This is a demonstration of “Self-sacrifice” i.

Luke does not understand and thinks O. 1 is dead, just as you do about each other, and cannot believe that he is gone until he learns that O. 1 is still alive and has become his guardian angel. Darth Vader symbolises the Devil’s disciples of whom this world has seen many, e. It should be obvious to you by now that Vader’s emperor symbolises Satan and the evil empire is Earth, where we are in “the dark-times” because Satan is ruling, due to a desperate shortage of JEDI Knights. The empire then plays a trick on the heroes and lets them escape with a homing-device onboard, but, as with all tricks, it eventually back-fires on them and brings about their own downfall. Force” and that he finds his colleague’s lack of “faith” disturbing.