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Employees are increasingly choosing to work in the public sector as it offers competitive salaries, flexible working patterns, generous pensions and a good work-life balance. Education, Social Work, Economic Development and Regeneration. More about Local Government NHS The National Health Service Scotland is responsible for the provision of healthcare to residents of Scotland. Police Sex with black girls 8 Police Forces in Scotland are responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing crime and to detect criminals.

In addition to police officers, detectives, traffic officers and specialised experts, the police force employs a large number of support staff in a range of roles. Fire The Fire and Rescue Service in Scotland is primarily made up of Firefighters but is supported by legislative and administrative staff who are essential to the day to day operation of the Service. Justice The justice service in Scotland provides administration of criminal and civil laws. The department is made up of a vast number of staff employed in a variety of roles, from Judges and Sherrifs to clerks and domestic staff . Universities and Colleges Scotland has a number of high profile higher and further education providers in Scotland. Universities and Colleges employ teaching, research and administrative staff across a huge number of subjects to educate over 700,00 Students in Scotland.

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