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Protected sex during ovulation

Protected sex during ovulation

Below is a list of symptoms that some women experience. The hard part is that every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy and many of the symptoms mirror those of PMS! Increased temperature by at least . Sending everyone lots of Baby Dust!

101 course in getting pregnant, if you will. I started spotting on the same day. Cause I have been TTC for 7 years. I was due on my period on the 5th of january i had protected sex but the condom broke, we had spermicide jel and i am on the loestrin 20 combined contriceptive pill but when i had sex i was on the 7 day break. I also think that my leuteal days is 12. I had spotting yesterday on the 11.

2014 was that ovulation spotting or it could be implantation spotting please help. My period started the 12th of November ended on the 17th had unprotected sex on the 22nd, now I’m having mind stomach cramps, pain in my left side, headaches and slight dizziness could I be pregnant? 4th to the 9th I had sex everyday on those days I feel slight cramping but not as painful as last months ovulation its very dull and bad back pain n gassy only on the right side is where all of this is occurring and loose bowels smh. I be pregnant if im not feeling the same pain n effects as I did last month.

I had my period last month, and my implant ran out on the 6th. June, I had unprotected sex on the 9th which I’ve now discoverd would have been my most fertile day! Could I get pregnant so soon? Hello, my name is crystal and I’m 20 years old.