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Hawaii sex scene

Hawaii sex scene

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One of the very best episodes, a must-see. Better than average, worthy of attention. Average, perhaps with a few moments of interest. Below average, a show to avoid. 500,000 Bobby’s estranged father, hotel magnate D. Tokura Imports, but also “head of organized crime in Hawaii,” responsible for “narcotics, gambling, prostitution book” as well as “refugees, women drugs” is summoned to appear at a crime commission hearing. During the opening chase, Arthur Hee is seen briefly.

The cops find “fresh pot” at the kid’s pad. I wonder how the kid gets shot — Danno fires at the door. Is the kid standing right behind it? There is no logical explanation for this. I assume that some other actor was supposed to play this part and was unavailable at the very last minute. This show features Tommy Sands — like Sal Mineo, another teen idol. 200,000 to a gambling syndicate on the mainland.

Perhaps this is modelled on the Polynesian Cultural Center in the north of Oahu? The significance of his name — Stone — is not to be underestimated. Some humour is provided in the scene where Kono, Danny and Chin Ho all get inoculations. He worries a lot when he breaks open a fortune cookie. At the beginning of act one, the color is back to dark blue. Ironically, not that much of it takes place in Hawaii! For some inexplicable reason, this show was like a “lost episode” when Five-O was shown in the 1990s.

I recall that Six Kilos was not available in the major syndication package for the show or some similar issue. But there are still some serious logic issues. Hawaiian royalty, so high up in the hierarchy of things that he is known as “the anointed one. See the detailed review of Cocoon for a comparison between the two versions.