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Only real wonders on this web. The Globe’s coverage encouraged other victims to come forward with allegations of abuse, resulting in numerous lawsuits and more criminal cases. Subsequent investigations and allegations revealed a pattern of sexual abuse and cover-ups in a number of large dioceses across the United States. What had first appeared to be a few isolated cases of abuse became a nationwide scandal, then a global crisis, for the Roman Catholic Church. Ultimately, it became clear that priests and lay members of religious orders in the Catholic Church had sexually abused minors on a scale such that the accusations reached into the thousands over several decades.

Although the majority of cases were reported to have occurred in the United States, victims have come forward in other nations such as Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The investigation of the scandal by The Boston Globe was titled “Spotlight Investigation: Abuse in the Catholic Church”. John Geoghan, John Hanlon, Paul Shanley, Robert V. In 2003, The Boston Globe received a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

The newspaper was honored, according to the Pulitzer website, “for its courageous, comprehensive coverage. Grassroots public advocacy groups like Voice of the Faithful focused on Cardinal Bernard Francis Law after documents revealed his extensive role in covering up incidents of sexual misconduct of his priests. In 1990, after receiving complaints from an alleged victim, he removed one priest from duty and sent him to treatment, only for the same priest to later serve as a hospital chaplain. Cardinal Law’s term as Archbishop of Boston began in popularity but quickly declined into turbulence towards the end of his tenure. Law’s public statements and depositions during the abuse crisis claimed that the Cardinal and Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston did not initially have the expertise to understand pedophilia and ephebophilia and relied upon doctors’ recommendations. 85 million to 552 victims and parents who had filed civil lawsuits over the ignored abuse. In some cases, insurance companies balked at meeting the cost of large settlements, claiming the actions were deliberate and not covered by insurance.

Cardinal Law submitted his resignation to the Vatican and Pope John Paul II accepted his resignation on December 13, 2002. In a statement and apology, Law said, “To all those who have suffered from my shortcomings and mistakes I both apologize and from them beg forgiveness. He remained cardinal, which is a separate appointment, and participated in the 2005 papal conclave. Bishop Richard Lennon’s appointment as apostolic administrator of the Boston archdiocese, following the resignation of Cardinal Law, brought criticism from some sex-abuse victims’ groups. On August 25, 2011, Cardinal O’Malley released a list of 159 names of priests who had been accused of sexually abusing a minor. The publication mentioned that 250 priests in the archdiocese had been accused but 69 names were omitted because they were either deceased, were not active ministers, had not been publicly accused, or were dismissed or left prior to canonical proceedings. In 1987, after at least 23 years of child molesting by Father Joseph Birmingham during which time he was shuffled to various parishes, the mother of an altar boy at St.

Anns wrote to Law asking if Birmingham had a history of molesting children. Cardinal Law wrote back “I contacted Father Birmingham. He assured me there is absolutely no factual basis to your concern regarding your son and him. The Archdiocese closed sixty-five parishes before Cardinal Law stepped down from service. In response to the scandal, over fifty priests signed a letter declaring no confidence in Cardinal Law and asking him to resign. Paul Desilets, a retired Quebec priest, has been indicted on 27 counts of indecent assault and battery dating back to his time as a parish priest in Bellingham, Mass.

He was convicted and sentenced to 1. 5 years in prison in 2004 after pleading guilty to repeatedly raping a boy in Waltham during the 1980s. Cardinal Law, who had the ultimate authority, signed off on letting Gale remain at St. Charges were brought in Cambridge, Massachusetts, concerning accusations of a molestation that took place in 1991.

10 million, and is still negotiating with lawyers for other victims. Geoghan was charged in two other cases in Boston’s Suffolk County. One case was dropped without prejudice when the victim decided not to testify. In the second case, two rape charges were dismissed by a judge after hotly contested arguments because the statute of limitations had run out. According to Leon Podles in his book Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, “In late 1993, Shanley was sent to the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut, for evaluation.